Home Networking in the Digital Age

When computers first became available to the general public, it was rare for any home to have more than one unit, let alone a network of computers. But as modern technology became cheaper, more accessible and within the reach of everyone, tech-savvy homes are now linking up their laptops and plugging in their PCs into home networks.

What is a home network?

A home network is simply a method of allowing computers to communicate with one another. If you have two or more computers in your home, a network can let them share:

· Files and documents

· An Internet connection

· Printers, print servers and scanners

· Stereos, TVs and game systems

· CD burners

To set up a home network, you’ll need a few basic components including more than one computer, hardware such as a router and software, either built in to the operating system or as a… Continue reading

Server Virtualization Revisited

Server Virtualization – Background Information and Advantages

Server virtualization is the act of sectioning one server into multiple parts. The solitary virtual environments go by several names, but the most common is virtual private networks (VPN). Other terms used to describe these divisions include containers, guests, emulations, and instances. In most cases, each portion of the server is able to run its own autonomous operating system while all of the portions run off of the same underlying hardware.

There are three common methods of server virtualization:

  • Virtual Machine Model
  • Paravirtual Machine Model
  • Virtualization at the operating system

Virtual and paravirtual machine segmentations allow for multiple operating systems. Virtualization at the operating system only allows a single operating system for all users.

Similarly, virtual and paravirtual machine models function using a host/guest paradigm whereas virtualization at the operating system works somewhat differently.

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What to Look for in an IT Managed Services Firm

How to Choose an IT Support Company?

As a firm, one should be capable of getting services as well as support for hardware and software, as and when required. The stability of the business is largely based on it. If you are not in favor of hiring an in-house data support department, but want someone in your time zone to do the task; then you should definitely look into partnership with a London data support company, which is well-equipped to offer the services to you needed. There are even services that can offer you a support level which you find essential. Information technology is the backbone of any business operations regularly nowadays.

Selecting an It support firm is not that easy nowadays, particularly with the ever increasing competition where there are number of bidders for your agreement. The IT firms now have the value of only ten a penny and… Continue reading

Why you really need a CCNA if you are a Cisco shop

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get CCNA Certified

Few industries in the world have seen the growth found in the IT sector. If you are currently involved in the IT field or think that this might be an interesting career move for you, you’ll find that it can be very rewarding. It can also be very competitive. To help you make the most of your career, you’ll need to have every advantage that you can get. CCNA certification is one of the best ways to build a strong foundation for your career. Do you really need this certification?

Here are the top five reasons you need CCNA classes.

Learn Skills for IT

It can prepare you for other jobs. The training and preparation work that you put into your CCNA certification will pay off in the end. You’ll find that this certification helps you improve your job prospects even… Continue reading

SharePoint Intranet Design and Implementation

Intranets have come a long way since they were first created. Starting as static informational pages and merging into self-service and enterprise information portals, to the consolidated enterprise workspace platform that is known today. When developed and deployed correctly, companies can use intranets to their full advantage – creating a collaborative and social intranet environment for employees to share and manage knowledge and ideas with governance.

The big question on everyone’s mind today is, ‘what should I expect my intranet to do now that it is 2012 and the technology has vastly improved?’ Settling for a sub-par intranet, even if it is cheap, will not necessarily give you the results you are looking for. Intranets are designed to provide your organization with an array of services to increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

Social tools and applications will allow organizations to better connect with employees and allow employees to better connect… Continue reading

What’s Behind Online Backup Software

Online Backup – Everything You Need to Know

What is the best way to protect data and files stored in a computer’s system? Storing backup files can be done using physical media such as CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and external hard drives. But these storage devices are not always reliable. Chances are still high that lost files could never be restored. Hard drive crash, theft, and fire are the usual culprits of data loss, resulting in huge losses for several businesses.

However, gone are the days when computer users shook their heads in despair because of corrupted or lost files that were impossible to retrieve. Storing critical computer data and files is now possible with online backup. It is a Web-based service that enables people to archive and easily restore all files stored on their systems.

Online data backup simply means backing up of files through Internet connection. Also called… Continue reading

An Unlimited Buffet of Online Technical Training

Uncover Online Technical Training for Hot Technology Job Market

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a list of the fastest-growing occupations through 2014, the list was packed with jobs in the technology field.

In this wired world, technical training can be essential to a world of hot new jobs. Here are a few of the jobs with the most growth potential through 2014.

Booming Tech Jobs

  • Network systems and data communications analysts
  • Computer software engineers, applications
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Computer systems analysts

These high-tech jobs are expected to experience a huge amount of growth, so now is the time to start pursuing a technology degree online or at a campus-based university.

Even if technology is already a second language to you, an online technical certification course can give you the freedom to enhance your skills and pursue these careers at your own pace.

If you’ve… Continue reading

Dedicated Server Web Hosting – Assurance for Self Control

Almost everyone is out under the networking sun to enjoy the optimal advantages of power and potentials pertaining to Internet. You have built up online business emperor site by site and can’t see it collapsing to ground almost like castle of sand. Yes, your networking system – no matter how much stronger it is – is susceptible to troubles which may give you enough reasons to really worry about. Considering the fact that your site is the virtual venue where customers make a frequent visit to and you make a convertible sale, it is important to have dedicated web hosting for successful and smooth performance and progress of your business endeavor. Other hosting choices are also available but when it comes to better control and greater reliability, you will less likely to Google and go for other options,

Dedicated Hosting Revisited (http://www.paypercloud.com/Hosted-Microsoft-Exchange-Email.aspx):

Dedicated hosting is a much more… Continue reading

There is Profit in Reselling Cloud Solutions

A Synopsis of the Hosting Reseller Business

If you own a website and want to get it hosted on a server, you might contact the hosting company directly or a master hosting reseller (http://theppcdifference.com/). A reseller is an intermediary who sells website space/bandwidth to clients on some other person’s servers. In doing so, the reseller may be acting in any one of the following capacities with respect to the web hosting company:

a) As an agent: In this capacity, s/he is entitled to get a commission from its principle. The reselling business is done in the name of the hosting company. People buy web space or bandwidth directly from the principle.

b) By being the marketer: The name of the hosting company is used to run the business, but the client buys from him. All the future communications are with the web hosting company.

c) Pretends as a… Continue reading

Managing your own Exchange Server

Hosting Your Own Email

There comes a point where most business need to start bringing their email management in house. Many business, and likely you yourself, use what is called a POP3 account. A provider collects your emails, then your computer connects and downloads those emails to your email client i.e. Outlook, Entourage etc. The provider will usually offer some sort of SPAM and virus filtering, and a cut down web mail system to see emails that haven’t been downloaded, but that’s about it. How about a system where you can view pretty much ALL of your emails, including folders, tasks etc. from any web browser, any computer, and also the new range of smartphone devices? Don’t let your eyes glaze over, this is easier, and cheaper, to implement than you think with options such as Microsoft’s Exchange system or the cloud orientated Google Apps for Business.


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